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  • Installation Types : • Roof top mounted
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  • Application : • Cargo Van
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       DC 12v /24v van chiller unit - ( Freshness -5℃ ~ +25℃ )
       12v /24v electric van freeze unit - ( Frozen -18℃ ~ +30℃)
        Van Chiller Unit - ( Freshness -5℃ ~ +25℃ )
        Van Freezer Unit - ( Frozen -18℃ ~ +30℃)

    Guchen’s Commercial Vehicle Refrigeration Units Introduction

    Are you looking for a high cost performance refrigeration unit to control your refrigerated truck or van body's temperature? Guchen Industry is the right place where you can find the most cost-effective model to suit your commercial vehicle's temperature requirements.

    In this post, we will detail the exact models of van refrigeration systems Guchen is selling now. Hope you will know better about our products after reading the information. If you need any further help on which unit to choose from, please feel free to mail us:

    Here are 3 kinds of rooftop mount van refrigeration units on hot sale now, separately DC Powered Electric Van Refrigeration Units, Vehicle Engine Driven Van Chiller Systems, Direct Drive Van Freezer Units.
    If you have any requirements on the van units, please feel free to

    Battery Powered 12V/24V Electric Van Refrigeration Unit

    Electric van refrigerated unit’s compressor is driven by DC 12volt / 24v battery, equipped with an extra transformer - AC Power Switch for charging when your fridge van idles and engine is off. (110v, 220v is optional).

    The DC powered van units are mainly used to install on the rooftop of small fridge van (with body volume up to 2~5m³), to protect your perishable cargoes safety below -5℃ (fresh)/-18℃(freezer) even if the ambient temperature is high up to 50℃.

    Solution for your electric van transport refrigeration units, Guchen’s 12v /24v electric van freeze unit ( Frozen ) and electric van chiller unit ( Freshness ) for you choose.
    van freezer units
    DC 12v /24v van chiller unit (Freshness -5℃ - +25℃)

    Van chiller unit is cheap than van freezer unit, a very low cost if your just transport fresh food, medical, chemical goods, or other goods requires a not very cold temperature range from -5℃~+25℃, roof top mount Van chiller unit adopts Eco-friendly R134a refrigerant.

    electric van freezer unit
    12v /24v electric van freeze unit ( Frozen -18℃ ~ +30℃)

    R404a Refrigerant, roof mount van freeze unit used for transporting frozen food, or product requires a very deep cold temperature range from -15℃ and +25℃( 0℉ ~ +86℉), likes ice cream, deep frozen foods / meat, etc.


    Vehicle Engine Driven Van Fridge Unit

    Fridge units for vans are divided into van fridge / freezer units and van chiller units, using R404a refrigerant, compressor is powered by the vehicle engine, installed on the top of the chiller van body.
    small cargo van chiller
    C-200T Small Commercial Van Chiller Unit
    It is a small chiller designed for 2-10m³ light delivery vans. C-200T van chiller is driven by the vehicle's engine.

    large delivery van chiller system
    C-300T Delivery Van Chiller System
    It is a rooftop mounted direct driven chiller unit for medium to large cargo vans (10~18m³). It is the top selling chiller unit in the past few years.
    tr-180t van refrigeration unit

    TR-180t Van Freezer Unit
    Guchen TR-180t van freezer unit is suitable for small cargo van with 5-12m³van box, and the temperature can be ranged from -15℃ to 30℃. It is usually used for transporting fruits, vegetables and fresh meat inner city.
    TR-200t van freezer unit
    TR-200t Van Refrigeration Units
    Guchen TR-200t van refrigeration units are roof top units suitable for 8-12m³van box . With R404a refrigerant making temperature range from -20℃ to 30℃.

    TR-300t cargo van refrigeration unit
    TR-300T Cargo Van Refrigeration Unit
    Guchen TR-300t cargo van refrigeration unit is condenser roof top mounted type unit and used for 10-20m³ middle van box.

    TR-350t Fridge Unit for Van
    TR-350T Fridge Unit for Van
    Guchen TR-350T fridge unit for van is used for big cargo vans with 15-25m³ volume.

    Why Choose Guchen’s Van Fridge Unit ?

    1. Two years guarantee period.

    2. Famous spare parts, saving maintenance cost.

    3. Specialized and professional foreign trade corporation, offer the best service for foreign customers.

    4. Pursuit double wins goals and long-term cooperation.

    Van fridge unit is used for the refrigerated transport of temperature sensitive cargoes, such as perishable food etc. Guchen Industry focus on customizable design van fridge unit to handle the challenges of temperature-sensitive product delivery for your refrigerated van, chiller van cold chain transport, insulated van body, fridge van city food delivery transport solutions.

    If you are looking to start a profitable refrigerated transport business in your local, our industry leading refrigeration systems are by your side.

    Guchen Van Chiller and Freezer Units can be Installed on:


    Ford transit van

    fiat van logo


    Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van

    renault van
    VW commercial vehicles
    IVECO van

    And other panel van, cargo van, commercial van which the refrigerated van body volume up to 2~25 m³


    Guchen truck/van refrigeration units can be powered by generator, diesel engine, or vehicle's engine. Here is the right place to buy all kinds of refrigeration units for truck & van. Guchen’s electric van refrigeration unit, engine powered van / truck refrigeration units, and diesel independent transport refrigeration unit are all equipped with stand-by system to ensure your product always in a demanded temperature and protect your cargoes security. If you are still looking to truck units, please click to see more detailed information on Guchen Truck Refrigeration Systems here.

    Working Video of Guchen TR Series Van Chiller and Freezer Systems

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