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  • Product Name: • Van Refrigeration Units TR-200T
  • Driven Type: • Vehicle Engine Driven
  • Installation: • Rooftop Mounted
  • Compressor: • 5H11/108cc
  • Controller: • Digital, In Cab
  • Refrigerant: • R404/1.1kg
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  • TR-200T Van Refrigeration Units

    TR-200T Van Refrigeration Units Introduction

    TR-200T van refrigeration unit is specialized for keep your refrigerated van at a constant temperature which direct driven by the vehicle engine, also called direct driven van refrigeration units, this cooling system is designed for transportation of fresh or frozen goods in small vans with container volume of 2~12m³. TR-200T van refrigeration units has a fashionable appearance, which is compatible with vehicle and van body, and mainly installed on the rooftop of the van, panel van, cargo van, commercial van, and small truck, etc. also supplying the front mounted TR-200 van refrigeration units as the same cooling capacity.

    Tips: Please look for Guchen Thermo TR-200T new model of cargo van refrigeration units , you can also see Guchen Thermo C-200Tvan chiller units for fresh transport business. 

    Outstanding Features of TR-200T Van Refrigeration Units

    ◆ Cooling-capacity of refrigerant van up to 2000W, 2559Kal/h (0℃/+32℉); 1127W, 1311 Kal/h (-18℃/ 0℉).
    ◆ Rooftop mounted refrigeration units for vans, easy to install, more convenient to maintain, and saving a lot of operating costs.
    ◆ A wide range of temperature controlling from -20 ℃ to + 30 ℃
    ◆ Large wind volume of air blowing, keep the high quality of the goods in the refrigerated van box or truck box.
    ◆ Computer controlling system, easy to operate, and manipulation is convenient and safe.
    ◆ Voltage display and high-low voltage alarm system.
    ◆ Displays the actual temperature inside the van
    ◆ With the high cooling capacity, to ensure the safety of the cargo. Even under the high temperatures or frequently open the door, van refrigeration units still have a good cooling performance
    ◆ Date logger, heating and standby power function is optional.
    ◆ ISO9000:2008 & CE Certificate.

    TR-200T Rooftop Van Refrigeration Unit for Small Refrigerated Van

    Standard Configuration of Van Refrigeration Units

    ● Including R404a Eco-friendly refrigerants
    ● Multi-functional operation panel
    ● Ultra slim evaporator which installed on the external of the van body
    ● Hot gas defrost system (Automatic /Manual )
    ● 12V or 24V operating voltage
    ● Liquid injection solenoid valve, will spraying the liquid (Coolant ) under high temperature conditioners and protect the compressor. 

    Safety Devices of TR-200T Van Refrigeration Units

    ● Emergency switch protection device
    ● Thermal Protection Device
    ● High / low protection device of refrigeration / cooling system
    ● Safety mounting structure, which can improve the protection against electromagnetic interference.

    Van Refrigeration Units Manufacturer

    Guchen Industry is a specialized van refrigeration units manufacturer in China, as the leading van refrigeration units supplier, we also supplying refrigerated van body, electrical van refrigeration units, DC powered van air conditioner, van air conditioning system, in order to not only servicing drivers have a comfortable climate, but also keeping their cargo have a constant temperature.

    How to Convert Your Normal Van into a Refrigerated Van

    Van refrigeration units is essential equipment which used in cold chain transportation, please reading the Refrigerated Trucks: An Essential to The Cold Chain Transportationbut how to convert a normal van into a refrigerated van? It is very easy, and just need a high quality van refrigeration units install on your van. Whatever you have a original van or a refurbished van, as the professional van refrigeration units manufacturer, Guchen supply you with high-performance and customized van refrigeration units, which can convert your van into a refrigerated van, not only meet your actual needs but also save your cost. Want to know the van refrigeration units price, please contact Guchen Online service or inquire via Email:

    TR-200T Rooftop Van Refrigeration Units Video

    TR-200T Van Refrigeration Units



    Temperature Range(In Container)

    -18℃ ~ +30℃ / 0℉ ~ +86℉

    Cooling Capacity


    2200W / 2559Kcal/h / 7550 BTU

    -18℃/ 0℉

    1127W / 1311Kcal/h / 3840 BTU










    Hydrophilic aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube


    890×720×200 mm


    16 kg



    Aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube

    Air Flow

    950 m³/h


    603×538×230 mm




    DC12V / DC24V


    R404a/1.1 kg


    Hot gas defrosting(Auto./Manual)

    Total Weight




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