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  • C-200T Direct Drive Van Chiller Unit

  • Model: • C-200T
  • Driven Type: • Vechile Engine Direct Drive
  • Installation: • Rooftop Mounted
  • Refrigerant: • R134a
  • Controller: • Digital In-Cab Controller
  • Application: • 2-10m³ van
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    Guchen Industry supplies a broad range of refrigeration systems and services, which are tailored to the customers’ individual requirements. There are 2 refrigeration units used to be installed on cargo vans to hold chilled produce: C-200T and C-300T fridge unit.

    If you need the temperature of your small van to store and transport chilled items, C-200T direct driven chiller system will be perfect. C-200T refrigeration capacity at 38℃ ambient is 5,800Btu. Refrigeration compressor is directly driven by the cargo van engine. The small vehicle powered reefer unit is perfect for 2-10m³ small insulated van applications.

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    The excellent performance of C-200T small van fridge unit safeguards chilled products preservation. With our economical van engine powered chiller unit, it increases the safety and fresh of today’s refrigerated van delivery.

    More Information about C-200T Van Chiller Units

    ◆ Compact structure, small in size
    It’s great for the refrigeration of small cargo vans where products need to be chilled transport. Guchen C series refrigeration equipment are specially designed for refrigerated transport of beverage, fruits, vegetables, yogurt and so on.

    van chiller system for fresh products

    ◆ Multi-function controller with microprocessor control system. Temperature control panel is installed in the cab’s panel.
    ◆ C-200T is a rooftop mounted chiller unit. The condenser is mounted on the roof, over the front of the cargo compartment.

    ◆ Working capability with R134a
    The ozone-friendly R134a direct drive refrigeration unit is standard equipped with hot gas defrosting.

    ◆ Slimline evaporator
    The extra-slim design on evaporator of C-200T chiller for maximum cargo space. It is capable to provide small and middle ranges of refrigeration capacities. The slim chiller system for van is best for the refrigeration not big spaces.
    ◆ Major C-200T small van chiller components include a condenser, evaporator, compressor and electric control panel.
    van chiller kits

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    “I would like a unit for my food truck. I need to chill an area of 8m³ and keep cool
    What is the price for a C-200T chiller unit, delivered to Australia”

    Other Refrigeration Options for Your Cargo Van

    Van chillers can be either vehicle engine-powered or battery-powered. You may be interested in Battery driven small van chiller unit? Then click to see our TR-110D electric van refrigeration unit to save your fuel.

    C-200T Chiller Unit

    Temperature Range In Container
    -5℃ ~ +30℃ / 23℉ ~ +86℉
    Cooling Capacity
    1700W / 1460Kcal/h / 5800BTU
    Aluminum micro-channel parallel flow coils
    One Fan (DC12V/24V)
    700×700×190 mm
    Aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube
    One Fan (DC12V/24V)
    610×550×175 mm
    13 kg
    DC12V / DC24V
    R134a/ 0.8kg
    Hot gas deforsting (auto & manual)
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