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  • GC-10E Vehicle Engine Minibus/Van AC

  • Model: • GC-10E
  • Cooling Capacity: • 10KW / 8,500Kcal/h / 34,000BTU
  • Driven Type: • Engine Direct Driven
  • Dimension: • 970×1010×174 mm
  • Installation: • Rooftop Mounted
  • Application: • 5-6.5 meter Van or Minibus
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  • GC-10E Minibus/Van Air Conditioner Video

    The Introduction to GC-10E Minibus/Van Air Conditioner

    Guchen Industry is offering a specialized range of air conditioner, of which, CG-10E minibus/van air conditioner can be used in the 5-6.5-meter length vehicles. The GC-10E Minibus/Van Air Conditioner can supply 12v and 24v types of compressors according to the customers need. Under its 10 KW cooling capacity, GC-10E air conditioner can be suitable for minibus carrying up to 16 passengers.

    GC-10E air conditioner installed on the roof of van

    The Benefits of GC-10E Minibus/Van Air Conditioner

    1. Compact design, roof-top mounted, easy to install, and low-cost in maintenance.

    2. SMC housing with good heating insulation and anti-aging properties.

    3. Independent parallel control mode to ensure reliability and durability.

    4. Internal screw thread copper tube and hydrophilic aluminum fins making cooling performance optimized.

    5. All parts and materials are from international well-known brands of suppliers with better stability and high-quality assurance.

    6. Beautiful and better appearance, which is suitable for the shape of minibus and van.

    Main Accessories for GC-10E Minibus/Van Air conditioner

    The GC-10E minibus air conditioner is mainly made up of a condenser, an evaporator, a compressor, of which, the evaporator of minibus air conditioner is housed in a unit to be installed on the roof of the vehicle and connected to the compressor, driven by the engine, through hoses filled with the circulating R134a coolant.

    There are some other assemblies in the GC-10E minibus/van air conditioner system, such as condenser fan, condenser coil, evaporator blower, evaporator coil, wire assembly, air diffuser, pipe, filter drier, drive way, roof A/C assembly and so on.

    Illustration of GC-10E Air Conditioner

    Illustration of Condenser and Evaporator in GC-10E air conditioner

    Illustration of air diffuser


    The Working Principle of GC-10E Minibus/Van Air Conditioner


    Working flow of GC-10E minibus/van air conditioner


    The GC- 10E minibus/van air conditioner is mainly made up of condenser, evaporator, compressor, control panel, pipe and so on, in which condenser and evaporator is grouped in one. When the temperature in minibus/van is high, the high-temperature and high-pressure air goes into compressor with subsequent, the air transformed into high-temperature and high-pressure liquid, then, the liquid goes into evaporator and condenser transformed into low-temperature and low-pressure air to drop in temperature.

    Simply to say, the working principle of GC-10E minibus/van air conditioner is that the refrigerant absorbs in heat in refrigerator under the help of physical condition changing. That is to say, when GC-10E minibus/van air conditioner works, the engine drives compressor, and then compressor drives the air conditioner to refrigerate.

    Attention: GC-10E minibus/van air conditioner system also has heating types according to your need.



    Cooling Capacity

    10 KW / 8,500 Kcal/h / 34,000 BTU

    Refrigerant / Volume

    R134a /



    Valeo TM21


    215 cc


    8.1 kg

    Oil Type

    ZXL PAG100



    Hydrophilic aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube

    Air Flow

    1,200 m3/h

    Blower Type

    Double axle centrifugal flow

    No. of Blower

    2 pcs





    Aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube

    Air Flow

    3,200 m3/h

    Fan Type

    Axial type

    No. of Fan

    2 pcs



    Total Current

    < 26A

    Weight of Rooftop Unit



    5-6.5 meter Van or Minibus

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