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  • Model: • GC-04
  • Cooling Capacity: • 5.2KW / 4,500 Kcal/h / 18,000 BTU
  • Driven Type: • Engine Direct Driven
  • Dimension: • 760*754*162 mm
  • Installation: • Rooftop Mounted
  • Application: • Truck cabin,mini bus,special vehicle,etc
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  • GC-04 Truck Cabin Air Conditioner Overall

    GC-04 rooftop truck cabin air conditioning system is designed for cooling the driver’s cabin and passenger compartment of heavy-duty truck cabin, light-duty truck, truck, ambulance, van, minibus and all special purpose vehicle with cabin volumes up to 10 m³, and this A/C system is driven by the vehicle engine. therefore it is also called truck air conditioner, truck air conditioning, minibus air conditioner,van air conditioner. GC-04 truck cabin A/C is the high-efficiency air conditioning system that keep truck cabs cooling, which the compressor powered by vehicle engine. Guchen as the professional truck A/C manufacturer in China, we also providing the 12V/24V DC powered a/c for your truck. For instance, rooftop mounted for integral cooling system, and back-wall mounted for split cooling system

    GC-04 Rooftopo air conditioner for van or truck.jpg
    Engine Driven GC-04 Rooftop Truck Air conditioning system

    Key Features and User Benefits of GC-04 Rooftop Air conditioning for Truck Cabin

    ● Extremely compact design with high cooling performance to 5.2 KW.
    ● Compact structure, space saving, and superiority in cost-effectiveness.
    ● Low power consumption.
    ● Manual and automatic control mode, easy to operate.
    ● Major used for cooling small spaces or cabins (such as loading area in ambulances).
    ● High strength base frame with robust metal, high reliability and ultra-low maintenance.
    ● Easy to install.
    ● Available with fresh air and heating option.
    ● High quality 5H14 truck A/C compressor, with its own original electromagnetic clutch.
    ● 12 months warranty for truck air conditioning system main parts and accessories
    ● High-performance truck air conditioner, with ISO9000:2008 & CE Certificate!

    Wide Application Range of GC-04 Truck Cab Air Conditioner

    air outlet of GC-04 truck cabin air conditioner
    1. Due to the robust structure and the use of latest technologies, GC-04 air conditioning for truck cabins fulfill all common quality requirements of the vehicle manufacturer and correspond to the current EU directives.
    2. GC-04 rooftop mounted air conditioner for truck cab is the specialized cooling equipment special for heavy duty truck cabins, mini bus, van, special vehicle cab. GC -04 Air conditioning for truck and vehicle cabins are high absorbent the hot air of driver’s cabin and cooling down your cab while the truck is on the road, which helps to make sure the every driver in a comfortable climate with GC-04 Truck Cab Air Conditioner.
    Structure Superiority of GC-04 Rooftop Air Conditioning for Truck and Vehicle Cab
    1. Essential characteristics of the robust design are the basic metal frame and the existing refrigerant circuit made of cooper tube and fin type heat exchanger.
    2. The customer profits from an increased life span and reliability as well as from reduced maintenance expenditure.
    3. Compressor drive operated by 24 V or 12V.
    4. Independent parallel control system, ensuring reliability and durability, which the safety factor raised up to 3-5 times.
    5. Copper tube and hydrophilic aluminum fins with internal ridge copper tube optimize the cooling performance.
    6. FRP housing, is refer to new design technology of glass fiber reinforced plastics, good resistance to heat and aging, more Eco-friendly, and long service life.
      truck air conditioner for truck cabin and ambulance

    About Guchen Truck Air Conditioner Supplier 
    Every passenger deserves the best possible truck and vehicle cabins climate with Guchen GC-04 truck cabin air conditioning, as the truck air conditioner manufacture in China, our mission is manufacture and supply high quality Truck Cabin Air Conditioners, van air conditioner, minibus air conditioner, electric truck air conditioner, truck air conditioning, and bus air conditioning. Welcome order and inquires the truck air conditioning price.

    Key Accessories for Complete GC-04 truck cabin Air Conditioner
     GC-04 truck cabin Air Conditioner Complete
    GC-04 truck cabin Air Conditioner Complete including rooftop mounted condenser and evaporator, return air grille, drainage pipe, control panel, compressor, wire harness, hose pipes, installation accessories and vehicle rooftop hole opening helper, GCZF283502 BlowerGCLF273105C Fan

    Guchen GC-04 Truck Cabin Air Conditioner Video

    Cooling Capacity
    5.2KW / 4,500 Kcal/h / 18,000 BTU
    Refrigerant / Volume
    R134a /
    8 kg
    Hydrophilic aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube
    Air Flow
    1200 m3/h
    Blower Type
    Double axle centrifugal flow
    No. of Blower
    1 pcs
    6 A
    Aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube
    Air Flow
    1800 m3/h
    Fan Type
    Axial type
    No. of Fan
    2 pcs
    8 A
    Control System
    Bus interior Temperature
    16~30℃ degree adjustable
    Anti-cool protection
    Auto-control,three speed air flow
    Total Current
    < 16 A
    Truck cabin,mini bus,special vehicle,etc
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