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  • Model: • GC-03
  • Cooling Capacity: • 3.5KW / 3,000 Kcal/h / 12,000 BTU
  • Driven Type: • Engine Direct Driven
  • Dimension: • 701*695*176 mm
  • Installation: • Rooftop Mounted
  • Application: • Tractor,Grader,Special Vehicle,etc
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  • Description of Tractor Air Conditioning System

    This roof mounted air conditioner is designed for cooling tractor cab, trailer cab, or other special vehicle cabs, controlling the cab's temperature, and providing drivers with a comfortable temperature, especially in the scorching summer day. GC-03 rooftop air conditioner system is designed for tractor,truck cabin, construction machines,etc, with compressor powered by vehicle engine, and with control system powered by vehicle alternator. if you want to buy 12v / 24v DC powered air conditioner for tractor cab / special vehicle, please clicked

    Remarkable Features of GC-03 Tractor Air Conditioner

    ● Roof mounted air conditioner for tractor

    ● 3.5 KW cooling capacity.

    ● Developed special for tractor, tractor cab, truck cabin, trailer cab and other special vehicles.

    ● Low power consumption.

    ● Compact design, roof-top mounted, one-body type, easy to install.

    ● Digital temperature control system, world first class brand key parts

    Digital temperature control panel

    ● Economically efficient, smooth operation, reliable performance.

    ● Perfect protection function, equipped with safety device.

    ● Environmentally friendly refrigerants: HFC R-134a.

    Tractor / Trailer Air Conditioner, Sepcial Vehicle Air Conditioning System Application
    GC-03 sepcial vehicle air conditioning system for all earth moving machinery like mobile crane, excavator, dosser and so on.

    roof mounted air conditioner for tractor 

    Tractor Air Conditioning Kits

    Tractor air conditioner parts including roof mounted condenser and evaporator, condenser fan, evaporator blower, compressor, return air grille, wire harness, control panel, installation kits and other accessories.

     Tractor air conditioner

    The Structure of Tractor Air Conditioner

    1. Internal structure: 

    ♥ One piece air conditioner which integrated condenser assembly and evaporator assembly, 

    ♥ Copper tube and hydrophilic aluminum fins, strong cooling, and stable refrigeration performance.

    ♥ The 5H11 tractor A/C compressor just have 6 kg, swash plate system, 87 cc displacement.

    2. External structure:

    D-LFT housing / shell, Eco-friendly material, high-quality insulation, anti-corrosion, and long service life span. 

    3. Control Panel 

    ♥ Manual control system, easy to use, durability and reliability. (automatic mode panel is optional)

    ♥ CAN control system, independent parallel control mode, fast response temperature adjustment.

    tractor air conditioning structure
    the internal and external structure of the tractor air conditioning system including the control panel

    Tractor Air Conditioning Manufacturer in China

    Guchen is a manufacture of transport temperature control systems for truck/ van / rv / bus / tractor manufacturer. Need tailor-made tractor air conditioning, or special vehicle air conditioner for other off-road engineer / construction Machinery, we would like to implement and cooperate with the tractor / trailer manufacturer


    Special Vehicle Air Conditioner in China Manufacturer

    Cooling Capacity
    3.5KW / 3,000 Kcal/h / 12,000 BTU
    Refrigerant / Volume
    R134a /
    87 cc
    6 kg
    Hydrophilic aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube
    Air Flow
    600 m3/h
    Blower Type
    Double axle centrifugal flow
    No. of Blower
    1 pcs
    4 A
    Aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube
    Air Flow
    1,200 m3/h
    Fan Type
    Axial type
    No. of Fan
    2 pcs
    6 A
    Control System
    Bus interior Temperature
    16~30℃ degree adjustable
    Anti-cool protection
    Auto-control,three speed air flow
    Total Current
    < 12 A
    701*695*176 mm
    Truck Cabin,Minibus,Special Vehicle,etc.
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