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  • GC-8C Vehicle Engine Minibus/Van AC

  • Model: • GC-8C
  • Cooling Capacity: • 12KW / 10,000 Kcal/h / 40,000 BTU
  • Driven Type: • Engine Direct Driven
  • Dimension: • L: 1660mm W: 1245mm H: 210mm
  • Installation: • Rooftop Mounted
  • Application: • Ford, Renault, VW, IVECO commercial vehicle
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  • GC-8C Minibus / Van Air Conditioner Description
    With 12KW cooling capacity, GC-8C rooftop A/C units is ideal for 6-7 meters minibuses and vans with 9-28 seats, and the variable air flow adjustment ensures a pleasant interior climate, and the cooling air can be distributed through center or side of the air ducts, hence, GC-8C air conditioner equipment is very suitable for people transportation in mini bus, van, commercial van, and medium-size bus applications. GC-8C units is driven by vehicle engine.
    If you need 12V/24 DC powered van air conditioner when the vehicle engine is idling, you can directly send us an email:
    GC-8C rooftop series unit is designed for Ford, Renault, VW, IVECO commercial vehicle. More cooling capacity, more cooling air and low noise.

    The Structure and Main Components of GC-8C Minibus / Van Air Conditioner

    The Structure and Main Components of DZ-8C Minibus / Van Air Conditioner
    The GC-8C air conditioner and its main parts are shown in Fig.1
    1. Evaporator Coil    2. Evaporator Blower    3. Condenser Fan    4. Condenser Coil    5. Receiver / Filter Driver / Sight Glass  
     6. Relay Board (12V / 24V)    7. Internal Temperature Sensor    8. Expansion Valve    9. Return Air Temperature Sensor
    Significant Advantages of GC-8C Minibus / Van Air Conditioning Unit.
    Rooftop mounted minibus / van AC with integrated structure.
    ● Modern, streamlined design, very compatible with any kind of vans & minibus 
    ● Quick and easy to install.
    ● Low operating costs, and low maintenance.
    ● Manual and automatic control mode
    ● Be excellent for or initial and retrofitted equipment. e.g. conversion van air condition.
    ● The A/C system are simple to operate and provide high cooling capacity at low noise levels.
    ● R134a refrigerant and choice of original Valeo TM-21 compressor up to 215cc to maximum cooling.
    ● Adopted a couple of 3-speed centrifugal evaporator blow and 2 axial condenser fans.
    ● Condenser coil adopts all-aluminium tube structure, also called Micro-channel heating exchange, increased 30% heat exchange efficiency, low weight, and less refrigerant charge.
    ● SMC housing with good heating insulation and anti-aging properties.
    ● Independent parallel control system, reliability and durability.
    ● Space saving, low power consumption and superiority in cost-effectiveness.

    Digital Control Panel Function of GC-8C Minibus & Van A/C Units
    The digital control panel is a main CPU in the whole units and has a keyboard to control the operation of the GC-8C Minibus & Van air conditioning system and shows the visual display of operating conditions
    Digital Control Panel Function of DZ-8C Minibus & Van A/C Units
    Fig. 2: Digital Control Panel
    1. LED Display    2. Ventilation Control Key    3. Fresh Air Key    4. Heating Key    5. Cooling Key    6. Turn On/Off     7. Set Temperature Down Key    8. Set Temperature Up Key
    Operation Warning and Cautions of The GC-8C Van Air Conditioner
    1.Only use the exact refrigerant specified by the compressor manufacturer.
    2.Unless there are a blown or ruptured refrigerant hose, may not need to add oil.
    3.Due to the filter-drier may include liquid refrigerant, please slowly screw the fitting cap and avoid contact with exposed skin or eyes. 
    4. If you need to charge the refrigerant, please contact the professionals trained maintainer, because the refrigerant contained in the air conditioning system will cause frostbite severe burns or blindness when contact with skin and eyes.
    5. Please make sure turn off the power, when you require open the housing to check the internal parts of the air conditioning kits, in order to avoid unannounced starting of the evaporator and condenser fans.
    About Guchen Minibus & Van A/C Manufacturer
    At Guchen, we develop our minibus A/C system with the goal of providing a comfortable climate for bus passengers, we are always looking for the best air conditioner concepts that provide the superior HVAC system with great performance at the best possible valve. What’s more, Guchen makes every effort to support training service and technical support for our customer to perform any type of installation and maintenance the A/C with the quality standard.
    Thank you for choosing Guchen mini bus / van air conditioning equipment, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by Email (, phone us (86-371-69152892) or online customer service.
    Cooling Capacity
    12KW / 10,000 Kcal/h / 40,000 BTU
    Heating Capacity
    Refrigerant / Volume
    R134a / 2.1kg
    Valeo TM-21
    215 cc
    Oil Type
    ZXL 100PG PAG
    Hydrophilic aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube
    Air Flow
    2,000 m3/h
    Fan Motor
    3-speed centrifugal type
    No. of fan
    2 pcs
    16 A
    Micro-channel heating exchange
    Air Flow
    3,200 m3/h
    Fan Type
    Axial type
    No. of Fan
    2 pcs
    16 A
    Control System
    Bus interior Temperature
    16~30℃ degree adjustable
    Anti-cool protection
    Auto-control,three speed air flow
    Total Current

    < 55 A

    L: 1660mm W: 1245mm H: 210mm
    Ford, Renault, VW, IVECO commercial vehicle
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