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  • Airpro 4000 DC Powered Air Conditioner

  • Product Name: • DC powered air conditioner Airpro4000
  • Driven Type: • DC Powered Driven
  • Installation: • Rooftop Mounted
  • Compressor: • GYES25
  • Refrigerant: • R134a/1.0kg±0.02kg
  • Application: • Trucks, commercial vehicles, etc.
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  • Introduction of Commercial Vehicle Air Conditioning
    Top performance Airpro4000 battery powered air conditioning for commercial vehicle is a very powerful DC air conditioner with electric brushless motor rotary compressors in a closed circuit, which is designed to run on the normal starter batteries. This revolutionary drive system utilizes 24 volt direct current (DC) starting the batteries to drive an independence commercial vehicle air conditioning units while the vehicle engine is shut down.
    commercial vehicle air conditioning
    Application of Commercial Vehicle Air Conditioning
    ● Airpro4000 commercial vehicle air conditioning plays a role of saving fuel, cooling down you sleeper cab climate while the truck is on the road, going on keep your sleep cab cool and comfortable without running the engine 
    ● Airpro4000 commercial vehicle air conditioning is used to cool down medium size cabs, vans and all kind of vehicle bodies while driving or sleeping (anti-idling), such as vans,tractor, light commercial vehicle, commercial motor vehicle, heavy commercial vehicle, RV’s and CV(Commercial vehicle).
    Your Benefits of Commercial Vehicle Air Conditioning
    ◆ The cooling capacity is up to 3500W (12000BTU), It is a rooftop mounted electric commercial vehicle air conditioning system.
    ◆ Battery power monitor: commercial vehicle A/C using low voltage cut out switch, to avoid discharging the battery below its required voltage. 
    ◆ Easy to install, this DC powered rooftop air conditioning for commercial vehicle are fully self contained, just connect the wires to a full battery, it start cooling.
    ◆ Prefilled with R134a refrigeration which meets all ozone layer protection requirements.
    ◆ Night & day model, to ensure the electric commercial vehicle air conditioning system to be used during the day or nigh with the vehicle engine is turn On or Off
    ◆ No engine noise, saving fuel and money, resting periods allows van & vehicle at idle to keep the inside cab in a comfortably cool climate during the hot summer, ensuring driver have a good rest.
    ◆ Eco-friendly and safety: no diesel emissions and reduced CO2 emissions to atmosphere which the vehicle engine anti idling, at the same time, ensuring the driver have a comfortable sleep by refrigerating the vehicle cab, Guchen helps in making driving safer.
     DC Powered rooftop Commercial Vehicle air conditioning
    Tips of Maintenance commercial vehicle air conditioning System
    Please turn off the power when you prepare for maintains and repairs your Airpro4000 battery powered commercial vehicle air conditioning.
    1.In the off-season, runs commercial vehicle air conditioning once a month for 10 minutes
    2.Running the air conditioning system, don’t touch fan and other components of A/C system
    3.Electrical parts of A/C should be far away water
    4.Keep the air flowing when the commercial vehicle A/C system is running
    5.You should be immediately stop and check, if the A/C system running abnormal vibrations, odors.
    6.The dust filter of commercial vehicle A/C should be cleaned timely, to avoid affecting the cooling effect.
    Commercial Vehicle Air Conditioning Manufacturer
    As the electric commercial vehicle air conditioner manufacturer in China, cost-effective Airpro4000 commercial vehicle air conditioning from Guchen industry is the high quality 24V battery powered air conditioning system designed for saving diesel costs by keeping commercial vehicle & vans cooling without idle engine, welcome to inquire commercial vehicle air conditioning price.



    Cooling Capacity

    3500W / 3000 Kcal/h / 12000BTU



    Total current (A)


    Evaporator Air Flow

    600 m3/h

    Condenser Air Flow

    1700 m3/h

    Max Ambient Temperature





    Temperature set


    Pressure protection









    Hydrophilic aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube

    Fan Motor

    7 step centrifugal type

    No. of fan

    1 pc



    Micro-channel heat exchanger

    Fan Motor

    Condenser fan with 3 step PWN

    No. of fan

    2 pcs


    Truck, construction vehicles, van and etc

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