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  • Product Name: • Ecooler 2600 No-Idle Truck Air Conditioner
  • Driven Type: • Battery Powered
  • Installation: • Rear Mounted
  • Refrigerant: • R134a
  • Application: • Truck Cab, Semi-Truck Sleeper, Tractor, Trailer, Construction Machinery etc.
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    Description of Ecooler 2600 Truck Air Conditioner:
    Ecooler 2600 units are split type battery powered truck air conditioners, specially designed for the cabin of truck | semi-truck | trailers | construction machinery etc. It is the best back mounted (rear mount) electrical air conditioner for trucks, being driven by 12 volt or 24 volt DC electrical power.

    Guchen Ecooler 2600 truck parking air conditioner unit is definitely a perfect aircon solution for those who:

    1) Are looking for a compact back mounted 12v DC A/C unit for their trucks;
    2) Are interested for mounting a 12 volt air conditioner for the back section of their truck cabin;
    3) Are looking for a battery powered unit which is able to operate with engine switched off via a separate 12 volt/ 24 volt battery;
    4) Are looking for an energy-saving electrical aircon system for over night sleeping in a truck;
    5) Are interested in a cost-effective 12v DC powered cooling AC system for a semi truck;
    6) Are looking for the best truck sleeper air conditioner with ex-factory prices


    truck parking air conditioner

    Features of Ecooler 2600 Rear Mounted Truck Sleeper Air Conditioner:

    ◆ Adjustable cooling capacity: for heavy transportation, Ecooler 2600 truck air conditioner makes your whole journey pleasant no matter how many hours the truck parks.

    ◆ Using eco-friendly R134a refrigerant: the environmentally friendly R134a is widely used in commercial vehicle air conditioning and transport refrigeration systems.

    ◆ Back wall mounted design: Ecooler 2600 battery powered semi-truck air conditioner is with compact & beautiful design, the color of which can be customized to fit customer’s demands or to match your truck. It is mounted at the back wall of truck/trailer/tractor cabs, a special new design compared with rooftop mounted truck air conditioners.

    ◆ Remote control, combined with manual operation.

    ◆ Compressor: driven by brush-less DC motor, with adjustable rotate speed;

    ◆ Brush-less evaporator blower and condenser fan, long lifetime, lower power consumption;

    ◆ Driven by DC 12V/24V battery, more energy saving;

    ◆ No-idle air conditioner can be used when the engine turns off.
    12v 24v truck cabin air conditioner

    Application and Installation of Split Type Ecooler 2600 Truck Parking Cooler:

    Guchen Industry energy saving electrical air conditioner is special for truck cabin, tractor, construction machinery, port machinery etc.
    12v truck air conditioner
    electrical air conditioner for trucks
    back mounted truck sleeper air conditioner

    Guchen Ecooler 2600 truck parking cooler is a split A/C system.

    It is the best cooling solution for trucks with high roofs or with high roof slope. If it is impossible to install your truck with a rooftop cooler unit, then you can choose to buy Ecooler 2600 model.

    An Ecooler 2600 parking cooler is with split evaporator and condenser unit. They are fitted separately: the evaporator is always installed in the inner side of the cabin rear wall; the condenser of the parking cooler on the outside of the truck cabin back wall.

    PS: if you would like to choose roof-mounted electric A/C unit, please go to our Ecooler 2400 page.

    Split Type Ecooler 2600
    Cooling Capacity




    Rated Current



     600W- 860W
     Compressor Model
     Electric scroll compressor
     Compressor Displacement
     Compressor Rotate Speed
     1500 - 4500rpm
     Evaporator blower air vol.
     Condenser fan air vol.
     Refrigerant charging weight
     Interior unit Dimensions
     Exterior unit Dimensions
     Interior unit weight
     Exterior unit weight
     Vehicle Applications
     All trucks, construction machinery , tractor etc.

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