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  • TS-1200 Diesel Engine Truck Refrigeration Unit

  • Product Name: • Truck Refrigeration Unit TS-1200
  • Driven Type: • Diesel Engine Driven
  • Condenser Installation: • Front Mounted
  • Controller: • Digital, in Cab
  • Application: • 50~65m³
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  • TS-1200 truck refrigerated units are used in 50~65m³ truck box, with independent structurer, not affected by engine, more stable and reliable in working performance. With 10960W cooling capacity, it can lower container temperature down to -18℃ on the road.

    These truck reefer units are more suitable for long-distance transportation, because it connects 380 AC voltages, not affected by truck engines working conditions, even if on the road, the truck stops, freezing working not stops. 

    TS-1200 Truck Refrigeration Units Advantages


    diesel engine driven truck refrigeration unit with standby ◆ Huge cooling capacity, used in 50~65m³ truck box.
    ◆ Control panel connects 12v or 24v DC vehicles, not needing an inverter.
    ◆ Independent structurer, when engine stops on the road, the freezing working will still continue, protect goods from spoil.
    ◆ Standby system, the standby electromotor materials are aluminium shell, excellent heat elimination, high efficiency and stable performance.
    ◆ R404A environmental friendly refrigerant, protect ozone layer from depleting.
    ◆ Lowest noise and error rate.
    ◆ Shorter connection pipeline between evaporator and condenser, avoid leakage, and easy to installation.
    ◆ Axial flow fan, big air flow, inner grooved copper tube, increasing heat exchange efficiency, cool down quickly.
    ◆ Electronic control system, accurate temperature control, turn on or turn off automatically according to the setting temperature.
    ◆ Compressor has two starting system: When in the standby system, the truck reefer units will convert into electromotor model; if something wrong in standby, it will convert into engine driven model automatically.
    ◆  Date recorder function, GPS and remote control function.
    ◆ Truck refrigeration units price are more affordable and well-known spare parts, convenient maintenance.


    TS-1200 Truck Refrigeration Units Safety Protection Device


    ★ Emergency Switch
    ★ Thermal-protection
    ★ High/Low Pressure Protection Device for Freezing System
    ★ Liquid Jet Protection
    ★ Engine Oil Pressure Protection
    ★ Engine Coolant Temperature Protection
    ★ Engine Revolution Speed Protection

    Diesel Engine Truck Refrigeraiton Units Application

    transport refrigeration units apply

    Tips: TS series truck refrigeration units are updated at the following models: 

    TS-600 Diesel Engine Truck Refrigeration Units (for 25-35m³ truck box, 5600W/19100Btu cooling capacity)
    TS-800 Diesel Engine Truck Refrigeration Units (for 30-45m³ truck box, 7150W/24400Btu cooling capacity)
    TS-1000 Diesel Engine Truck Refrigeration Units (for 45~55m³ truck box, 8250W/28150Btu cooling capaciy)



    Temperature Range(In Container)

    18℃ ~ +30℃ (-0.4℉ ~ +86℉)

    Cooling Capacity


    By Engine

    10960W / 12746Kcal / 17621BTU

    By Standby

    10205W / 11868Kcal / 15319BTU


    By Engine

    6785W /7891Kcal / 23149BTU

    By Standby

    6425W / 7263Kcal / 21306BTU










    Aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube


    Brush-less blowers, aluminum blade



    Aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube


    Axial flow fans

    Air flow


    Overall Dimensions

    1915×965×695 mm

    Evaporator opening size

    1245×350 mm

    Total Weight





    R404a/6.8 kg


    Hot gas defrosting(Auto./Manual)



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