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  • TS-1000MT Multi-Temperature Transport Refrigeration System

  • Model: • TS-1000MT
  • Driven Type: • Diesel Engine Driven
  • Installation: • Front Mounted
  • Refrigerant: • R404A
  • Application : • refrigerated trailers, trucks, vans, etc.
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  • TS-1000MT multi-temperature reefer unit

    Over the years, Guchen Thermo has received a number of questions regarding multi-temperature refrigerated trucking, and whether or not a multi-temperature unit delivers significant operational benefits for trucks, trailers. During the past few years, our engineers have tested the actual performance of our TS-1000MT system as part of Guchen Thermo’s comprehensive research and development program. We have installed them in many refrigerated vehicle applications. Guchen Industry offers 2 kinds of diesel-powered multi-temperature systems in our catalog: TS-1000MT and TS-1200MT.
    We do recommend their use in your trucks and fleet.

    Here’s Why:

    While there are many different multi-temperature systems on the market, each with its own particular top picks and practical applications, Guchen Thermo only sell and export the best-performing transport refrigeration unit. Our extensive research has turned up so many advantages when compared with other multi-temperature refrigeration systems. These include, but are not limited to, significant environment benefits, quite running, reduction in energy consumption, more cooling capacity, very low refrigerant charge and different cargoes transportation.

    multi-temperature refrigeration unit for trailer

    Is Multi-Temperature Refrigeration System a Good Option for Commercial Vehicle Fleet?

    The answer is YES!

    1. One Trip with a Multi-Temperature Load
    Multi-temperature reefer unit designed for refrigerated truck and trailers will provide adequate and high refrigeration performance in multi-compartment vehicles because they are designed to handle a wide variety of perishable cargo loads. This means that Guchen TS-1000MT unit does a great job of maintaining multiple desired temperatures and humidity levels in a cargo container by using a single refrigeration system.

    2. Helping Commercial Vehicle Fleet Maintain High Standards for Customer Satisfaction
    Guchen Industry’s multi-temperature unit has unique technical features which enables the fleet to meet the customers’ different temperature requirements for specific cargo. It offers separate fridge and freezer sections to ensure a continuous cold chain for both refrigerated and fresh produce. It is also a perfect solution for ambient and temperature-controlled products. A fleet should increase the number of multi-temperature trucks and trailers to insure each commodity’s temperature can be properly maintained in the same trailer.

    3. Moveable Bulkhead to Separate Two or More Temperature Zones Minimizing Cross-contamination

    insulated moveable bulkhead
    The insulated moveable bulkhead is actually a thermal barrier in a refrigerated trailer, truck body or van. It can be stowed in either direction according to the actual refrigeration requirements. With the installation of moveable bulkhead, refrigerated products, especially perishable food, are separated minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. For commercial vehicle fleet, Guchen multi-temperature refrigeration systems keep the fresh or raw products away from others, maintaining a safe temperature and status throughout the transport journey.

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