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  • valeo ac compressor‎,Valeo TM Bus air conditioning Compressor
  • Valeo TM Series Compressor

  • Model: • Valeo TM21,TM31,TM43,TM55,TM65
  • Displacement: • from 215CC to 635CC to choose
  • Number of Cylinders: • 10/14 (5/7 double-headed pistons)
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  • Valeo TM Series Compressor Authorized Agent in China
    Zhengzhou Guchen industry Co., Ltd. as the distributor of Valeo TM series and DKS compressor, detailed Valeo-authorization, please clicked the blue font. we supply original imported Valeo compressor, valeo ac compressor,‎ Valeo compressor clutch, and other original compressor spare parts for Bus air conditioning system with competitive pricing
    Valeo TM Series Bus air-conditioning Compressors 6 Big Advantage
    Reducing Vibration and Noise of Valeo compressor
    Reducing Vibration and Noise
    Run more smoothly and quietly thanks to the bidirectional-piston compared with reciprocating compressors. Drive shaft was supported by two radial bearings and two thrust bearings, allowing the swash plate system achieving seamless, smooth and quiet operation when the piston is running
    Lightweight and Small Volume of Lightweight and Small Volume
    Lightweight and Small Volume
    Valeo compressor average less 50% in size and weight compared with reciprocating compressor. Square structure makes it easier to be directly or indirectly mounted on the engine
     Swash Plate System of Valeo compressor
    Swash Plate System
    Valeo compressor is belong to swash plate compressor, cylinders and pistons are arranged axially along the drive shaft, which driven by a swash plate to perform suction, compression and discharge
     Double-lip Type Shaft Seal Design of Valeo compressor
    Double-lip Type Shaft Seal Design
    Double-lip shaft seal,use system pressure to seal spindle perfectly, enables the refrigerant and lubricant leakage rate reduce to minimize
     Gear Pumps of Valeo compressor
    Gear Pumps
    Gear pump draws lubricating oil from oil reservoir groove, through oil duct and lubricates the  Valeo TM series compressor parts e.g. bearing, swash plate system and shaft seal.
    Flexible Installation Position of Valeo compressor
    Flexible Installation Position
    flexible pipeline butt joint design, TM43 compressor Installation can adapt to any engine compartment anywhere.
    Valeo Compressor Clutch
    Given customer feedback, we would like to recommend some hot sales Valeo Compressor Clutch Model Number which is very popular in our customers. This electric magnetic clutch mainly used in TM 55 / 65 compressor. Magnetic clutch for valeo compressor such as:
    TM 55 / 65 Compressor Magnetic Clutch
    →    2B 200 Clutch
    →    2B 220 Clutch
    →    2A2B 260 200 Clutch
    Valeo Compressors Application in Guchen Bus Air-conditioning System
    Valeo Compressor Application in Guchen Bus Air-conditioning System
    ● Valeo TM 21 compressor Only 8.1 kg  with displacement up to 215 cc mainly used our GC-10 mini bus / van air conditioning, and this air conditioning major install on the roof top of the 5-6.5 meter van or minibus.
    ● TM 31 compressor, using HFC-134a refrigerant, mainly used in Guchen BFFD-01 small bus air conditioning system, which the city bus or coach length between 6 meter to 7 meter. 
    Valeo TM-43 compressor with compact size and light weight, is mainly used in BFFD-04 bus air conditioning system which the length of the bus body is no more than 8m-10m
    Valeo TM-55 compressor, r134a compressor is mainly used in BFFD-05 bus air conditioning with 10-12 m bus body, 
    Valeo TM-65 compressors are adapted to larger-scale BFFD-06 bus air conditioning which the length of bus body is more than 12 m.
    Valeo compressors generally using r134a , r134a compressor, we also provide Valeo clutch catalog to solve your after sales service problem and keep your compressor works in normal all the time. Please for free contact us through Email: , on-line service, or fill out the below inquire.
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