Truck refrigeration units, bus air conditioning system
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  • Model : • LA16.021Y 2B 173
  • Rated Voltage: • 12V/24V
  • Static friction torque: • ≥400N.m
  • Consumed Power: • ≤60W
  • Max speed: • 4000r.p.m
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  • Description of LA16.021Y 2B 173 Electromagnetic Clutch
    Bus air conditioning electromagnetic clutch is a power transmit device, which is used to connect automobile engine and air conditioning compressor, used for driving bus air conditioning compressor's operation, thus promote air conditioning and reach for the purpose of lowering temperature vehicles. 
    Unique Features of LA16.021Y 2B 173 Electromagnetic Clutch
    Our products are easy to use.
    Beautiful appearance and special design. 
    Our electromagnetic clutch can save fuel consumption and increase compressor life.
    With a team of engineers having over many years of experience, our products’ quality are reliable.

    Pictures of LA16.021Y 2B 173 Electromagnetic Clutch Attached

    LA16.021Y 2B 173 Electromagnetic ClutchLA16.021Y 2B 173 Electromagnetic Clutch
    Wide Using Scope of LA16.021Y 2B 173 Electromagnetic Clutch
    LA16.021Y 2B 173 electromagnetic clutch is specially designed for BOCK FKX40 or Bitzer 4N/4P compressor. If your bus air conditioning’s compressor is BOCK FKX40/Bitzer 4N/4P, BK LA16.021Y 2B 173 is your best choice, we can also recommend 16.0141 10PK 180, 16.02Y 2B 193, 3.16.021Y 2B 173,4.16.098Y 2B 203 to you. 
    Maintenance & Repair (Coil and Wire Comes Loose)
    Electromagnetic clutch is key parts of the engine power transmission, often work uner the high speed, must bear continuous hot under 150℃, so its power of work is high, condition is bad, harsh conditions and inappropriate use may result in electromagnetic coil and wire loose. Under normal circumstances, when the coil voltage variation range is in 11 v - 13.5, the clutch should be operated smoothly, there is no abnormal phenomenon such as noise, vibration and intermittent allowed, otherwise there is need to eliminate if electromagnetic coil has looseness, if conductor joint and take iron fetches way or has dirt. In the process of inspection and maintenance, need to confirm whether the electromagnetic coil is is in the right position, if screw torque is in line with the requirements, replace wire or joint, clean tighten by iron wire, etc when it is necessary. 
    Maintenance & Repair of LA16.021Y 2B 173 Electromagnetic Clutch
    Our product are reliable, we can supply 2- year warranty.
    Why US 
    We have large scale factory, advanced technical support, professional after-sales service team, under fierce market competition, continuously introduced advanced technology, at the same time, ensure the quality of products to provide a good shopping experience for customers, products sell well in southeast Asia, European, ect countries around the world. 
    We can supply electromagnetic clutch for BOCK, BITZER, UNICLA compressor. In addition to electromagnetic clutch, we also provide van refrigeration unit, rooftop mount air conditioner, bus air conditioner, container truck refrigeration unit, ect. Looking forward to cooperating with you. 
    Model Number
    LA16.021Y 2B 173
    Rated Voltage
    Static friction torque
    Consumed Power
    Max speed
    Application comp.
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