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  • PFD-IB Model School Bus Air Conditioner

  • Model: • PFD-IB
  • Cooling Capacity: • 16.3KW / 14,000Kcal/h / 56,000BTU
  • Driven Type: • Engine Direct Driven
  • Dimension: • 2817×1704×212 mm
  • Installation: • Rooftop Mounted
  • Application: • 6-7 meter City Bus or Coach
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  • PFD-IB School Bus Air Conditioner Introduction

    A school bus is a type of bus used for student transport: carrying students to and from school, home, and school events. School bus should be safe, economic and comfortable. So in the recently years, school bus air conditioner is one of the necessary device in school bus.

    Guchen Industry can supply the PFD-IB condenser roof top air conditioner for school bus, this types of air conditioner for school bus can increase heat dissipation effect, avoid temperature is too high to burn out spare parts, and prolong the devices service life. Especially it is suitable for the rainy and town road is muddy, and customers won’t worry about that the mud block radiator.

    PFD-IB school bus air conditioning is a modular system for school bus, which consisting of an evaporator and a condenser unit, which is mounted on the roof top of the school bus or a structural attachment to the frame, and the cooling air is distributed through ducts which mounted on each side of the school bus.

    Guchen PFD-IB rooftop mounted school bus air conditioner is designed for 6-7 meter school bus, it is controlled by the control panel which is installed in the cabin, the compressor is powered by vehicle engine, and the control system is powered by vehicle alternator.

    school bus air conditioning system installed on the school bus

    PFD-IB School Bus Air Conditioner Features

    1. Efficient micro-channel heat exchanger, smaller volume and higher performance.
    2. Enhanced corrosion resistance of components to meet the long-term operation under humidity.
    3. The shock absorption design, suitable for bumpy roads.
    4. The overall lightweight design, less refrigerant charge, low cost and less fuel consumption.
    5. Adopts all-aluminum tube condenser coil, increased 30% heat exchange efficiency, and lightweight.
    6. HFC R-134a Refrigerant
    7. Using four 4-speed centrifugal evaporator blowers, and 2 axial condenser fans
    8. Original imported Valeo TM31 compressor up to 313cc to maximum cooling

    PFD-IB School Bus Air Conditioner Application and Customer Project

    With 16.3 KW cooling capacity, this roof top school bus A/C system is ideal for 6-7 meter school bus, the variable air flow adjustment make sure have a comfort interior climate, and relieving the stress of student during on the way home from school

    school bus air conditioning system installed on the school bus

    Here is the photo about PFD-IB air conditioner for school bus project in Malesia schools. They mount it on the 7 meter length school buses. The condenser adapts to parallel flow condenser and anti-corrosion technology, which is very suitable for the local rainy climate and high ambient temperature.
    --- Guchen PFD-IB School Bus Air Conditioner Apply on Malesia School Buses Project


    Other Models for School Bus Recommended

    school bus air conditioning system PD Series Bus Air Conditioners

    PD series ac unit for bus adapts to LFT-D molding housing, Eco-friendly materials, recyclable, reusable, excellent corrosion resistant and high comprehensive performance.

    school bus air conditioning system BD Series Bus Air Conditioners

    BD series bus air conditioner system is the most common ac units for buses, because condenser adopts internal screw thread copper tube and hydrophilic aluminum fins, so it has the features of erosion resistance, especially popular with high-temperature desert area or coastal regions with strong wind, dust storms, floating dust weather, so it is very suitable for tour bus to travel the special areas.


    Guchen Industry Guarantee

    Guchen Industry as the bus air conditioner manufacturer in China can supply all kinds of ac units for your bus HVAC, here the following we can give the guarantee to customers:
    ◆ 2 years after sales service
    ◆ 20, 0000 km journey
    ◆ Spare parts free change in 2 years
    ◆ 7*24h after sales online chatting



    Cooling Capacity

    16.3 KW / 14,000 Kcal/h / 56,000 BTU

    Heating Capacity


    Refrigerant / Volume

    R134a / 5 kg





    313 cc


    15.5 kg

    Oil Type

    ZXL 100PG PAG



    Hydrophilic aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube

    Air Flow

    3,440 m3/h

    Blower Type

    4-speed centrifugal type

    No. of Blower

    4 pcs





    Micro-channel heat exchanger

    Air Flow

    4,000 m3/h

    Fan Type

    Axial type

    No. of Fan

    2 pcs



    Total Current

    < 50A

    Weight of Rooftop Unit



    6-7 meter City Bus or Coach

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